Toyota Scion Converted Into A Mini Truck

How about this? A Scion xB turned into a functioning mini truck! It obviously took a lot of skill and patience to convert this into an actual truck. Regardless, this looks awesome!

The Toyota Scion xB was a boxy looking compact car made by Toyota for the United States market. It was produced between 2003-2015. A 5-door hatchback, it also had a box-like shape which was the most iconic feature of the car.

The first generation xB was produced between 2003-2006 and was actually considered a subcompact. It was a 5-door hatchback with a 108hp engine. The very boxy shape gave it a classic yet modern look.

The second generation xB was produced between 2007-2015. It was noticeably less boxy and larger than the previous generation. For example, the 2008 model year xB was 2.8 inches wider, 12-inches longer, 4-inches longer wheel to wheel and over 600 pounds heavier than the first generation xB. As for the engine, it was equipped with a 2.4 L straight-4 Toyota 2AZ-FE which had 158 hp and 162 lb-ft torque. It was this generation when the Scion xB went from subcompact car to compact. It still remained the 5-door hatchback body style however.

Unfortunately in early 2016, Toyota announced they were discontinuing the Scion xB.