Tow Truck Tries To Help Car…Makes Situation Worse!

Tow trucks are meant to help get cars out of bad situations but this one is a special case. Somehow this car ended up getting stuck in a giant pothole and needed the assistance of a tow truck. Most potholes aren’t nearly the size capable of fitting an entire car inside of it but this one is apparently. Anyways, so after the tow truck drivers attach the ropes to the back of the car, they get into the truck to get ready to pull the car out. When they get into the truck they begin to back up to try to free the car.

Unfortunately the tow truck can’t get the car out of the pothole on the first try, so they decide to try it again. This time they seem to give the truck way more gas than the first try and this proves to be a bad decision. Immediately the back bumper, trunk and pretty much the entire back end of the car comes completely off. What a fail!!!

The driver of this car called the tow truck for help but only gets into a worse situation. Now not only is he still stuck in the pothole but his car is destroyed also. Sad!