Tow Truck Fail…Racecar Destroyed!

During all kinds of race events, it’s assumed that all of these cars are extremely expensive and cost a fortune to design and build. It’s also pretty common for cars to crash from time to time during these intense race events. In any racing category, driver error can cause a ton of wild accidents, which are usually just straight up crazy to watch! After these types of crashes however, tow trucks are needed to remove the crashed race cars off of the track.

Now you’d think that a professional tow truck driver that has the job of removing race cars from the track that are either crashed or just broken down, would have the skills to make sure nothing more happens to the expensive race car right? Well whatever the tow truck driver in this video was thinking, it looked like their mind was definitely not on being careful because this race car definitely got smashed up pretty bad! It’s not really clear on what went wrong but it’s most definitely something the driver did because they had the responsibility of making sure the car got back in one piece! This was definitely a pretty bad fail! What do you think about this?

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