To Get Drivers Off The Interstates, Detroit Police Chief Allows Sideshows In A Vacant Lot

Cops and gearheads are coming to a compromise…over donuts.

Sideshows are growing in popularity among the car community. Unfortunately, a lot of times the drivers pick inappropriate places to hold them, such as the interstate or intersections. Not only is that unsafe but it’s a major inconvenience to other drivers.

Some cities have taken the approach of banning the events altogether while others, like Detroit, have decided to clear out a “safe” space for drivers and spectators to enjoy the show.

While letting regular drivers go wild in a fairly uncontained environment isn’t necessarily the safest thing out there, it’s definitely better than having people run wild around other drivers. The event is now known as “Sunday Funday” and local enthusiasts can show off their moves for the crowds. Sunday Fundays are held on private property on Detroit’s east side.

And while you may be waiting for the cops to show up, the event spot was actually signed off on by Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Craig told WXYZ, “When you really think about it, what makes it criminal if it’s done in a safe way, in a safe location”.

Craig also pointed out that not a single shooting or crime event has happened at one of these sideshows. To help ensure safety between drivers and spectators, audience members are not allowed inside the pit.

Hopefully, they can keep working together to keep this event safe, free, fun and set an example for other cities. Sacramento and Kansas City are also providing public spots for former sideshow drivers.

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