Guy Gets Arrested For Shining Lasers At Police Helicopter To Distract From Sideshow On California Street

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Only in California will you find stories like this. Over the weekend California Highway Patrol said they got reports of sideshows happening on the streets of Oakland and therefor sent out a police helicopter to see what was actually going on. What they found was large groups of cars, fireworks, and a green laser. Which of these got someone arrested? Surprsingly, the laser.

We should note that we don’t condone sideshows, or really any of the behavior in this story. And while people that partake in these usually aren’t the brightest to begin with, this group was either more daring (or dumb) than others. Someone thought it would be a good idea to bring a laser, which would probably be fine except they then pointed it at the police helicopter multiple times in order to “distract” from the shenanigans on the street. It should also be noted that doing this is highly unsafe and illegal.

It turns out the suspect was a 23 year old male from Pittsburgh and was arrested for the laser incident and a handful of other charges (go figure) and will face both state and federal charges.

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