This Is What President Trump Has On His Radio When Driving His Family Around

If you had a Rolls Royce Phantom at your leisure to drive your family around town in, what would you have blasting on the radio?

Well, a video of President Donald Trump driving his son Barron and First lady Melania around while listening to ‘Blank Space’ by pop-country artist Taylor Swift has surfaced.

To be fair, the video dates all the way back to 2014 but it recently resurfaced on Melania Trump’s Facebook page around May 8th.

In the video, President Trump is driving a $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom while Taylor Swift’s 2014 track ‘Blank Space’ plays on the stereo. So the song obviously had just come out when the video was taken, but now we all know the President at least tolerates some Taylor Swift in his car.

Again, this post has nothing to do with politics since we’re all here for the cars. But this was just too good of a video to pass up. So whether you’re pro or anti-Trump this may give you a good laugh today. Because although Taylor Swift has sold millions of albums, typically older men aren’t her demographic. And neither are their pre-teen sons, but hey they can always blame it on the First Lady. (Who it looks like it might’ve been filmed by considering Barron is riding shotgun)