This Guy Is A Wheelie Pro! No Hands, No Problem!

This is impressive! A lot of videos out there showing people doing wheelies are usually fails or crashes. But the guy in this video not only successfully does multiple wheelies but each one he does is different than the last! It’s like he’s a stunt professional. Even though he shouldn’t have been performing wheelies on a public road, they still were impressive due to the fact that he didn’t crash.

First you see him in the beginning of the video doing a wheelie with NO HANDS. This is intense! Usually when riders try to do something this crazy you see them crash but not this guy! There’s even a wheelie that he does that he stands up on his seat and then begins to jump up and down! That’s scary! Not only does he not crash at any time during this video but he makes all of these wheelies look so easy! Getting so close to hitting other cars while you’re doing a full wheelie is crazy. What a wild video!

What do you think about these wheelies in this video? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Lets us know in the comments what you think about these stunts!