This Ferrari Is Made Entirely Of LEGO’s

Lego recently put out a replica of a McLaren 720S and now they have moved on to McLaren’s Formula One rival, Ferrari. They’ve built yet another full-scale model…Ferrari’s 2017 F1 race car and it has even more Lego content than the 720S. Even the wheels and tires are made of Legos on this thing.

Check out Lego employees pull the car together from development and planning all the way to construction. Although it weighs less than the actual Ferrari SF70H which weighs around 1,600 pounds, the model still comes in at 1,250 pounds. The model contains almost 350,000 pieces, which is about 70,000 more than the McLaren and took about 750 hours to assemble, not including over 840 hours to design and develop it. Check out the whole build on

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