This Awesome DeLorean Hovercraft Cruises Around San Francisco

So everyone by now has seen Back To The Future and if you haven’t yet, this video probably won’t make any sense or have any significance to you whatsoever. You should go watch the movie and then watch this video because it’s just so awesome!! Basically the movie is about going back into the past using a time machine that’s actually a DeLorean, which is why this video is just so cool! What’s even cooler though is that the DeLorean in this video is actually a hovercraft, which is definitely a sight to see!

However this was built really turned into a masterpiece and it’s just straight up cool! How fun would it be to cruise around the ocean on a DeLorean hovercraft!? This “hovercraft” actually looks like a real DeLorean body that’s on some kinda floatation device. The car is propelled by a massive fan on the back and it definitely looks like a ton of fun! Imagine how much cooler the movie would’ve been if it was a hovercraft instead of a car? Well maybe not but it still looks like a fun thing to drive! What do you think about it? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!