This ’69 “Hellacious” Mid-Engine Charger Is Everything Right In the World

1969 “Hellacious” Dodge Charger| SpeedKore

Dodge has a pretty simple solution for everything – put a Hellcat in it! Do you know how everyone feels about it? Pretty good, actually, and SpeedKore adopted that principle for this movie car. We’ll be real with you, it ranks pretty high up there on the incredible build scale. This “Hellacious” ’69 mid-engine Charger is fiction that’s become a reality. 

Dominic Toretto’s Charger from the film “F9” is an example of how to use the frame of a classic vehicle and build off it, which we say from experience. SpeedKore was looking to show off their abilities with this build and created a street legal version of the movie car, putting it up there as one of the more unique builds we’ve seen.

SpeedKore shook things up and drop a supercharged 6.2L Hellcat V8 in the middle of their ’69 Charger, just like in the movie, pairing it with a gated manual transmission and transaxle from a Lamborghini Gallardo. Mid-engine vehicles haven’t been adopted on a broad scale of American muscle cars, except for the C8 Corvette and Ford GT, but SpeedKore found a way to make it work seamlessly.

1969 “Hellacious” Dodge Charger| SpeedKore

The Hellcat they dropped in produces 707 horsepower and 650-pound-feet of torque. While it’s impressive, it still falls short of the supercharged 427 that we dropped into TrashHawk. Still, 700 horsepower is nothing to scoff at, which is one reason it earned the name “Hellacious.” Horsepower aside, it’s also equipped it with a custom suspension from Detroit Speed for its super low and sinister stance, complementing the menacing engine.

The body is comprised of all carbon fiber and was adjusted at the rear for its mid-engine powertrain. It has a custom rear glass hatch that shows off the engine and chiseled fender cutouts with unique body siding to complete the look. The interior is equally as impressive with custom gauges to keep it in 1969 and simplistic racing seats.

Although SpeedKore doesn’t have any plans to sell the car yet, it will be displayed at upcoming events. The company is known to sell its cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this unique build could pull down a million dollars or more.

Would you put in a bid for this “Hellacious” Charger?

1969 “Hellacious” Dodge Charger| SpeedKore

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