Ken Block’s Wicked “Hoonitruck” Is the Most Expensive F-150 in the World

Hoonigan & Ken Block 1977 Ford F-150 | YouTube: LBI Limited

Earlier this year, Ford and Ken Block announced that their ten-year run together was coming to an end. It’s unfortunate, but Ken wants to explore new opportunities. Albeit sad, there’s always a silver lining, and in this situation, the silver lining is that his incredibly cool ’77 Hoonitruck is going up for sale.

Hoonigan Racing issued the formal press release to the suprise of many fans, but Ken has his reasons. After a successful decade with Ford, he’s looking to branch out and try his luck in a safari-spec Porsche 911 and the Baja 1000. Ken also recently rejoined Subaru’s World Rallycross team and is driving a custom STI. Living the life, huh? For sure, but what does this all mean? Well, Ken Block will need to make room in his garage for these new additions, and his 1977 Le Man’s-based Ford F-150 Hoonitruck can be the next addition to your collection.

A lot of Ken’s vehicles have been on the chopping block as of late as he starts his next chapter. Since ending the fruitful relationship with the blue oval, he’s been selling a lot of his Ford Vehicles, including a 1986 RS200 Evolution, 2011 Fiesta GYM3, and 2013 Fiesta ST RX43. Block’s Ford Fiesta has also been put up on display at Henry Ford’s Racing in America exhibit. Although he’s parting ways with many of his cool cars, the “Hoonitruck” has grabbed headlines, and not just because it’s awesome – it’s also very expensive.

The $1.1 million asking price for the 1977 F-150 makes it the most expensive in the world. With that said, have you seen the videos and pictures? If you have, you know it’s not your everyday Ford F-150. No, it’s much more than that. The truck has more street cred than some Hollywood actors, tallying over 75 million views across YouTube. This incredible build was put together by Block, Ford, Detroit Speed, and Block’s team.

Hoonigan & Ken Block 1977 Ford F-150 | YouTube: LBI Limited

Don’t let the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 fool you – it’s on steroids. The intake manifold alone takes 150 hours in the machine to be 3D-printed. This other-worldly and highly-modified twin-turbocharged truck produces a stomach-churning 914 horsepower and 702 pound-feet of torque, and according to Block, it revs very quick. The entire vehicle was built with the idea that if they were to hit something with the corners, everything is easily replaceable, which is smart for a truck that’s designed to drift.

Simply put, it’s the real deal. If it’s endorsed and driven by a heavy-hitter like Ken Block, you know the construction is on another level. In the video we’ve attached below, Block says it’s the most unique F-150 in the world. For that price tag, we’d hope it’s the most unique.

If you had the money to buy it, would this be the newest addition in your garage?

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