These Speed Bumps Are So Bad, People Refuse To Drive Over Them

Nobody likes speed bumps but they are usually a necessity because a select few sometimes drive a little too fast in areas where they don’t need to. Some speed bumps are worse than others and some are just downright outrageous. Sometimes speed bumps are so bad, that they actually cause significant damage to vehicles driving over them and who wants that!? Nobody wants to drive over some speed bumps, only to have hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages occur.

In this video, there’s a series of speed bumps on private property and it definitely doesn’t make the neighbors too happy. In fact, these speed bumps are apparently so bad that some people actually feel stuck and refuse to drive over them out of fear of damage to their vehicle. It seems to be a complicated issue considering it’s on private property. Speeding is definitely a problem these days and maybe the person who put these speed bumps there was just sick of people speeding but who knows! Hopefully the issue can be sorted out if it actually is causing damage but one thing is for sure though, a lot of people are pretty mad about it! What do you think about this?