There Are Payload Capacities For A Reason…

If you’re one of those people that think the specs about trucks are a list of numbers that are more of a guideline this is proof that they do indeed actually have some meaning.

The payload refers to the amount of weight you can comfortably place in the bed of the truck and is definitely not just a guess or estimate, as this Ranger owner finds out.

That model year Ranger has a payload capacity of around 1,250 lbs. For the sake of this video we’re guessing a boulder weighs about 150 pounds per cubic foot.

If you look at the boulder and eyeball it, the dimensions are about three feet by five feet by two feet which makes a total of 30 cubic feet, which at 150 pounds per cubic foot comes to 4,500 pounds. You do the math on that. The question is after you’ve completely messed up your truck, where do you go from there?

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