The Worst Bus Driver on the Planet?

There’s definitely a lot of bad drivers out there. Everywhere you go, usually you’ll see someone driving crazy, swerving through lanes and just overall driving terrible! Good driving really comes down to good judgement. Good judgement and good driving go hand in hand but unfortunately a lot of drivers out there make terrible decisions like the bus driver in this video.

First of all, it’s common practice for busses to stop at train tracks but obviously the bus driver in this video decided not to do that. Instead, the driver decided to drive over the train tracks even though multiple crossing arms are going down to signal it’s time to stop. Why did this bus try to outrun the train? Seriously why do that, especially when you have multiple passengers aboard the bus? This decision is an example of EXTREMELY poor judgement!

As soon as the bus goes over the tracks, they just kinda stop, literally…as a train is coming. The oncoming train suddenly comes down the tracks and clips the back end of the bus, narrowly avoiding a horrific disaster. It’s probably safe to assume that this bus driver lost their job after making such a bad choice. Fail!! What do you think about this?