The VW Beetle Will Return…With A Battery

Volkswagen killed the Beetle last year with the final production ending in July. But the iconic car isn’t gone for good. Now, the automaker is resurrecting the original Type 1 Beetle as an electric car.

Photo Courtesy VW

VW has teamed up with eClassics to develop a factory-approved conversion for the classic it calls the eKäfer, or eBeetle. The swap uses the drivetrain and battery pack from a European electric VW model called the “e-up!” which comes with an 81 hp motor.

Photo Courtesy VW

The new model is good for 124 miles of driving between charges. Pricing and availability haven’t been announced, but a prototype for the vehicle will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. There has been no information if the electric bug will be available in the US.

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