The State Of Kentucky Owes Man More Than $150,000 Over Custom License Plate

Last year, Ben Hart sued the state of Kentucky to be able to use “IM GOD” on his license plate. He won and now will be paid more than $150,000.

Hart applied for the plate about 4 years ago after he had a similar license plate in Ohio before moving to Kentucky. However, Kentucky officials denied his application, saying it did not meet their requirements and the plates could be considered “vulgar or obscene.” Officials say an “IM GOD” is not in good taste and could lead to confrontations or to distracted drivers.

The ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a First Amendment lawsuit on Hart’s behalf which he ended up winning in court last year.

Now a judge is ordering Kentucky to pay his attorney fees and litigation costs.

Hart, who is an atheist, claims that the personalized license plate helps to spread the message that faith is an individual’s interpretation.

“I can prove I’m God. You can’t prove I’m not. Now, how can I prove I’m God? Well, there are six definitions for God in the American Heritage Dictionary, and number five is a very handsome man, and my wife says I’m a very handsome man, and nobody argues with my wife,” said Hart.

Hart says the lawsuit is more than just about specialized license plates. It’s also about standing up for a person’s rights. This is not the first time a driver has fought for their vanity plates. Do you think there should be limits on what can go on a license plate?

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