The Mustang Has Been De-Throned As King Of American Muscle

The Challenger has taken over as the best American Muscle car. For now at least.

Dodge’s Challenger has beaten the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro in the third quarter of 2019, with a record 18,301 models sold. Ford sold 16,823 Mustangs and Chevy only 12,275 Camaros over the past three months.

The Challenger’s success could be attributed to the retro-styling Dodge has brought back along with the large range of models available. The Dodge Charger sedan also had its best quarter in 13 years with 26,060 sales.

A brilliant marketing tool used by Dodge is the “Power Dollars” program during which gave a $10 cash rebate per horsepower when buying a new 2019 Challenger, Charger, or Durango.

All you Ford fans shouldn’t be disappointed yet, though. The Mustang still comes out on top when it comes to year-long sales. There have been 55,365 Pony cars sold followed by 46,699 Challengers and 36,791 Camaros.

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