The Ford F-150 Was The #1 Vehicle Sold in the US in 2021

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Ford F-150 held onto its title as the most popular vehicle sold in the US in 2021. It was also the #1 vehicle in 20 out of 50 states. But that doesn’t just include new trucks. The Ford F-150 was also the top-selling pre-owned vehicle of 2021 as well.

According to, the Ford F-150 upheld its mantle as the No. 1 vehicle in America with a reported 726,004 units sold out of dealerships in 2021. Coming in second was the Dodge Ram 1500 with 569,388 units sold, and the Chevrolet Silverado coming in third with 519,774 sold.

What was also interesting in 2021 was for the first time, a Tesla made it into the Top 20. The Tesla Model Y arrived in 17th place with a total of 178,732 sales last year.

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