Tesla Is Offering Major Discounts In Order To Hit Sales Numbers

In typical Tesla style, the automaker is pushing for last-minute sales to get on target for Q3 2017. This time, Tesla is offering some pretty enticing deals, which may mean one of two things:

1) that the Model 3 might be cutting into Model S/X sales in the US or

2) that production of the 3 has made it more difficult for Tesla to deliver custom order Model S/X cars before September 30th.

And since most Model 3 orders won’t be delivered anytime soon and definitely not by the end of the quarter, Tesla is probably feeling the heat as the quarter comes to a close at the end of September. As for the deals, the automaker is offering showroom incentive up to $30,000 off the original configuration price. Meaning you could lease a Model S for $1,500 a month. That’s still a heck of a car payment but considering the Model S starts at $126K, if you’re in the market for a top-spec Tesla on discount, now’s clearly the time to buy.

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