Teen Survives Incredible Head On Crash With Semi

This is a story of luck if we’ve ever seen one. And the footage is terrifying to watch but know that everyone involved is alive. The fact that everyone involved in this horrific accident is amazing. A New Hampshire teen, Eighteen-year-old Sam LaChance, survived an explosive head-on crash with a semi-truck. And the whole thing was captured on a fellow driver’s dash cam.

LaChance was driving his Jeep Wrangler on an undivided stretch Route 101 when he drifted across the double yellow line and smashed into the oncoming semi-truck. The impact of the collision tore open the truck’s diesel fuel tanks, causing a massive fireball that briefly consumed the Jeep, the cab, and the entire roadway around them.

The good stroke of luck is that Marc Cramer and his son were driving behind LaChance. Cramer was unable to Unable to stop in time or veer around it so he ended up plowing straight through the flaming wreckage before coming to a stop. Cramer, his son, and another driver then ran over to the smashed Wrangler and pulled LaChance out as the fire continued to burn.

The driver of the truck, 66-year-old Jean Morency, reportedly suffered minor “bumps and bruises.” LaChance was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found he sustained a fractured foot, ruptured spleen, and second- and third-degree burns. He is reportedly in good spirits and recovering well. Considering what he just went through, it could have been worse.

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