Take A Look At The 1,000 Electric HP GMC HUMMER EV ‘Supertruck’

What started out as a military vehicle is now an all-electric supertruck. As part of the GMC lineup, the HUMMER EV will be staking its claim to the self-proclaimed title of “World’s First All-Electric Supertruck” when it goes on sale next fall.

The truck was unveiled earlier this week and will be the first GM product built on the new Ultium electric vehicle platform. The platform will be a full lineup of zero-emissions trucks across the automaker’s brands.

The pickup is inspired by its predecessor, the gas-guzzling HUMMER H2. The fully-loaded Edition 1 model will be priced at $112,595 which includes all-wheel-drive, three electric motors good for a combined 1,000 hp, and a 0-60 mph time in around three seconds.

The Edition 1 also comes with an air suspension system that can increase its ride height by six inches and four-wheel steering with a unique CrabWalk mode which allows the truck to drive diagonally at low speeds.

Possibly the most important feature is its range which GM estimates at 350 miles per charge. The HUMMER EV is also compatible with 350-kilowatt public fast-charging stations, where it can recharge at a rate of 100 miles every 10 minutes.

GM will introduce a $99,995 model with the tri-motor drivetrain in fall 2022 followed by an $89,995 model with two motors in spring 2023. An entry-level $79,995 model without the air ride or four-wheel-steering in spring 2024. If you’re interested, reservations are now being accepted for the Edition 1 with a $100 deposit.

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