Will the Hummer EV move laterally in “Crab Mode?”

For all of the vehicles that have ever contained imagery of animals, it’s usually something strong and powerful like a Mustang. It’s not usually a crab! So what does it mean? That’s a great question and the topic of much speculation.

According to Motor1, the trisected body likely represents the three electric engines available on the top tier Hummer EV. However, the crab likely refers to the teased “Crab Mode.” What is crab mode? In a tweet, GMC says “Real revolutionaries forge their own direction.” It likely refers to a crab’s ability to move left and right. What exactly it means and how it actually works is not obvious though. This feature would make parallel parking quite easy.

What do you think it means? Do you like the logo? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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