SUV Decides To Jump Drawbridge In Florida

Why anyone would decide to do this is beyond comprehension. You hear from time to time about people thinking they can beat drawbridges. Maybe they’re just really sick of being stuck in traffic and have to be somewhere? Or they’re just driving carelessly and decided to drive like a stunt driver! Who knows but in this case, we see a drawbridge beginning to rise.

A speeding SUV is then seen driving towards the barrier arms in front of the bridge. Apparently the driver decided it was worth going ahead and just smashing through these barrier arms and jumping OVER the drawbridge. Seriously how did the driver think he could make this jump? Why would anyone even try? It’s not only dangerous but it could potentially put others at risk also.

Regardless, the driver wasn’t very successful in his attempt at jumping the bridge as you can tell from the video. He crashes his SUV into some kind of barrier. Then the driver gets out of his SUV and walks away out of view. Weird!

This was a very dangerous situation that ended up turning directly into a failed attempt at jumping a drawbridge. Crazy stuff!! What do you think about this fail?