Subaru STI Loses Control Going Around Corner At 100 MPH!

Car commercials always show cars driving really fast out on a country road somewhere. That’s all cool and all but then you remember that’s a commercial and they’re using a professional stunt driver on a closed course. So in that case, it’s a safe environment. Some people however decide that they’re gonna drive super fast on a country road regardless if they have little to no driving skill whatsoever. That’s a problem because it not only puts them at risk but also other drivers as well.

People need to go to the track if they want to drive fast, not a public road. Anyways, in this video we see this guy driving a Subaru STI reportedly at 100+ MPH speeds. YEAH! That’s fast! As he’s turning around a slight turn in the road, he looks like he turns the wheel too much which causes him to lose complete control of the car. This causes his car to spin out of control off the side of the road. Although this crash ended with no significant crash happening, it could’ve easily turned into something much more serious.

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