Stay Entertained With This RC Hot Wheels Cybertruck

If you thought the Tesla Cybertruck looked like a children’s toy, you’re not far off. So did Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels

While owning an actual Cybertruck is still a way in the future, you will be able to own a scaled version thanks to Hot Wheels remote-controlled replicas.

There will be two versions available as shown in the image above. The larger model is a 1:10-scale version; capable of 25 mph speeds and equipped with all-wheel drive, of course. The RC car comes with working headlights and taillights, a telescoping tailgate that folds out. It even comes with a cracked window vinyl sticker if you’re a fan of the infamous Cybertruck debut vehicle. The truck is powered electrically by a 9.9-volt 33,00-mAh rechargeable battery.

The RC truck will set you back $400.

Hot Wheels

While the preorders for the 1:10-scale RC are currently full, you can sign up for updates if and when it becomes available again.

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