Squirrel Stashes Hundreds of Walnuts Under A Kia Sorento Hood

Time to start checking your wheel wells and under your hoods again! Along with colder weather comes all the critters getting ready for the winter ahead. Sometimes you hear of a cat hitching a ride or a bear breaking in but this time, a squirrel is the stowaway.

Here’s a little PSA for everyone on this rainy Monday:Rodents and vehicles do not mix… My wife called me from…

Posted by Chris Persic on Monday, October 7, 2019

Holly Persic, owner of the Kia Sorento SUV was in for a surprise when she noticed a strange smell flowing into the cabin. When she began hearing a noise along with the smell, she called her husband who told her to pull over. When she popped the hood, instead of finding loose bolts or a mechanical issue, she found the Sorento’s engine lined with moss, branches, and hundreds of walnuts. The Persics took the car home and tried to clean the debris on their own but eventually took the SUV to a mechanic shop for inspection where even more walnuts were found!

The couple claims they’ve put in a request to remove the black walnut tree located on their driveway, so hopefully, they aren’t in for any more rodent surprises.

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