Snowstorm Even Has Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sliding Off The Road

The latest snowstorm has affected most of the South and East coast. And if you’ve ever been in the South during a snowstorm you know it can get messy really quick. You would think professional drivers would have a better grip on things but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do!

According to WKRN Dale Earnhardt Jr. sent out a warning to fellow North Carolina drivers not to venture out into a snowstorm after he slid off the road and hit a tree.

To be fair, the crash wasn’t due to reckless driving or not paying attention. Earnhardt had just used his winch to help a sedan out of a ditch when he then drove off the road and into a tree. Nobody was injured and his truck had minor damage but still – if the weather is keeping Junior off the road, be sure and take extra caution!