Skiing Behind A Train

A lot of interesting stunt videos come from Russia. We see a lot of crazy car crash videos, daredevil climbers and now, this guy skiing behind a train. It definitely doesn’t look safe! We all know that it snows a lot in Russia which can make it hard to get around. Maybe the guy in this video needed to get somewhere and it was just too difficult to drive anywhere so he decided to just ski behind a moving train? Or maybe he’s just a daredevil who loves to do crazy stuff like this, who knows!

We see two guys in this video, one guy riding on the back of the train and the other guy skiing behind the train. The guy on the train is probably the one who attached the cable to the back of the train for the skier. We see two perspectives; one video of the guy on the back of the train and the other of the guy skiing. Crazy stuff! This is something that people definitely do not need to try at home! What do you think about this craziness? Let us know in the comments what you think! For more cool videos, stay tuned on