Semi Truck vs Flooded River! Truck Miraculously Makes It Across!

We’ve seen this type of scenario time and time again, where a river has flooded and then someone has the terrible idea that they are going to attempt to cross the river. This is unfortunate for them because that’s one of the WORST driving decisions anyone can make. It’s common knowledge that it’s really dangerous to drive in flood waters, no matter how deep. Driving in flooded waters on the road somewhere can cause significant engine damage and/or cause you (and your car) to get stranded! It’s one thing to drive through water when it’s still, which is extremely dangerous but what’s worse than that, is driving through a flooded river with a strong current going through!

In this video, a semi truck driver decided to drive through an angry looking flooded river! This river is flowing so fast that it really makes you wonder why anyone in their right mind would attempt to drive through such a thing! Well, the semi truck decides to drive through the river and somehow makes it through without any difficulty whatsoever. Regardless, it still wasn’t a smart decision and could’ve easily gone the other way. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!

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