Salesman Punches Out Window Of Car Being Stolen Off The Lot

This guy was determined to not let this thief get away totally unharmed. Even if that means damage to the car on the lot of the dealership where he works.

Milwaukee news station TMJ4 reported that while a couple was looking at a 2010 GMC Terrain at a local dealership, a minivan pulled up beside it. Then the passenger hopped out and drove off in the Terrain. However, the salesperson that was showing the couple the SUV, Vicente Hernandez, didn’t just watch or even call the police. He decided to take a more hands-on approach…he punched the window out, bare handed, trying to stop the driver.

When asked why he did it, Hernandez told reporters he had to try to stop the theft because he “couldn’t see himself walking back into the business saying that someone stole the car” without trying to do anything about it.

After he punched out the window, he said he hung onto the door handle while the person stealing the car drove off. Unfortunately, the driver still got away with the vehicle. Of course, going on your own chase or punching windows isn’t invised. But that was pretty darn brave of Hernandez. They should consider an employee-of-the-month award.