Rhino Attacks SUV On A Safari

Anything can happen on a safari. When you are out there in the wilderness, you are in the animal kingdom, so it can be pretty dangerous! There are many incidents where wild animals don’t take too kindly to cars driving nearby. They probably assume the car is another animal, so they attack it! We’ve seen videos of elephants attack cars, even hippos! This video shows a rhino that’s not happy at all that there’s an SUV full of tourists next to it.

The video first starts off with a view of a rhino walking through a field somewhere. The video doesn’t say exactly where this particular video takes place but it definitely looks like a safari trip taking place somewhere. Suddenly, the rhino sees something that it doesn’t like. This rhino definitely does NOT like the SUV at all and feels pretty threatened by its presence. It then takes off running and rams the SUV with all of its strength. This causes the SUV to drive outta there! Luckily both the SUV and the rhino looked fine but it’s still a scary situation! We hear about wild animals tearing cars up all the time. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!