Rare Hot Wheels Camaro Could Be Worth Over $100,000

Who knew a car that fits in the palm of your hand could be worth more than $100,000?

(Joel Magee)

Celebrity toy collector Joel Magee has gotten his hands one of the rarest Hot Wheels cars ever made, and it may be a big payday item for him. The 1968 Custom Camaro was one of just a handful of Enamel White prototypes for the original “Sweet 16” car that was inadvertently packaged and sold.

(Joel Magee)

Magee says that designers painted the cars white near the end of the process to help spot imperfections before production began. It’s possible that the car may be the only one left and Magee, known as America’s Toy Scout, was lucky enough to find it while looking through a collection of other cars.

(Joel Magee)

Magee described it as a “Holy Grail” and said it is one of the three rarest Hot Wheels in the world, the other two being a prototype Olds 442 and the Beach Bomb custom van prototype that parent company, Mattel, says is worth $150,000.

It’s unclear what Magee paid for the Camaro, but he thinks he can get upwards of $100,000 for it.

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