Porsche Has Yet Another Impressive Lap Time On The ‘Ring

Automakers are always trying to out-do each other and break records on the Nurburgring. But according to Road and Track, Porsche said it was taking a break from trying to have the best lap times on the track. However, the new 911 GT3 just ran a lap in 7:12 seconds, which is faster than its predecessor by a whole 12.3 seconds! It also makes it one of the fastest cars ever to lap the German racetrack.

Considering the new GT3 weighs about the same as the previous model and makes only 25 more horsepower, the major time improvement is due to aerodynamic improvements from Porsche. Although this isn’t Porsche’s fastest car to lap the Nurburgring…that would be the 918 Spyder, shaving off 12 seconds from the previous model is pretty impressive.