Porsche Driver Ticketed for Towing Hot Tub With DIY Trailer

A prime example of how NOT to transport a hot tub. Oh, this was in Woodstock Ontario by the way. 🤦‍♂️

Posted by Warehouse Guys London on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Usually, with a homemade towing situation, you see a truck or SUV with a rigged setup wobbling behind it. This time, however, the culprit is a Porsche and its driver.

A driver in Woodstock, Canada, was pulled over after police spotted him towing a hot tub behind his classic 1990s Porsche 968. Towing with a Porsche sedan is a rare sighting in itself but the “trailer” this guy had rigged up made it even better.

The hot tub was sitting on its side on top of a dolly attached to wooden beams that were strapped to the inside of the car. The hatchback was then held partially open by a framework of roughly cut wood.

The car’s 54-year-old driver was cited with careless driving.

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