Police Fine ‘Mad Max’ Fan’s Replica Car For Illegal Modifications

The post-apocalyptic off-road style of cars seen in the Mad Max films has inspired loads of fans and enthusiasts to build and show off their own creations at car shows and pedestrians on the street. While they can be appreciated at special events, some local authorities will not view them in the same light as a regular everyday vehicle.

This was the case for one man in Queensland, Australia whose Mad Max replica did not meet local safety regulations.

In a report by ABC Brisbane, Rod Coverdale was such a fan of the original 1979 film that he took his own supercharged V8 Ford Falcon XC to mimic the same pursuit car driven by Max Rockatansky. Unfortunately for Coverdale, the Calliope Highway Patrol took notice that certain modifications made to the car were not street-legal.

Among those modifications included the blower protruding out of the hood and blue rotating light, which is typically reserved for emergency vehicles.

“Vehicle standards are in place to ensure any modified vehicle remains safe for use on the road,” a spokesperson for the police department said. “A vehicle will be deemed unroadworthy if it is modified in a way that is not approved or certified.” 

Even though the owner of the vehicle was issued a fine and had to be sent for an inspection for road-worthiness, officers were still impressed by the car.

In regards to DIY modifications some car enthusiasts will install from home, Senior Sergeant Shaune English suggests that they should consult an auto professional first. “If you are doing it yourself, speak to somebody who actually does roadworthy inspections or places like your four-wheel-drive stores that do these modifications all the time. And when they say you can’t do that, don’t insist on getting it done anyway because you think it looks good.”

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