Pitbull Caught on Camera Turning a Tesla Into a Chew Toy

On many occasions, dog owners have had to sternly remind their pets on what is a toy and what isn’t. Sometimes it’s furniture, clothes, and for some unlucky few, their homework. Unfortunately for TikTok user @toodiesangelxx (aka “Liv”), a neighbor’s pitbull decided that her Tesla Model 3 would be its newest chew toy.

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In the posted video, the pitbull is seen biting into the car’s panels and window seal strip while periodically poking its head inside. By the end of the video, it appears that the damage done to the car was much worse than anticipated as photos showcase the amount of bite marks and scratches the dog left after authorities arrived.

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For those wondering why the owner of the car didn’t simply drive away, according to her, she did. In some videos following up on the incident, Liv says the dog continued to follow her, biting her car along the way. While she didn’t want to run over the dog, Liv says she was more concerned with keeping it away from children coming home from school while waiting for police to arrive.

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The other burning question surrounding this story is, where is the dog’s owner? According to Liv, the owner was bit by the dog outside without its collar, causing her to retreat back into the apartment building. It was from there that the dog set its sights on Liv’s Tesla.

While the two neighbors will sort out insurance and repair costs for the car, the dog’s fate is unknown. However, the main lesson we can take away from this incident is that owning a dog is a big responsibility, so be ready to take it on fully. That, and stock up on lots of chew toys and peanut butter.

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