New York City Issued 71 Tickets For Loud Exhausts Through Specialized Traffic Cameras

When you are around cars with very loud exhausts, usually it’s at places like a drag strip or a car meetup. But if there’s one place that will not tolerate noisy cars, it is New York City. Because police officers cannot pull over every loud car out there, NYC has taken to technology to automate citations in real-time.

Traffic cameras that contain specialized sound meters to detect vehicles above the legal limit managed to issue 71 tickets in New York City in 2022. It is unknown how many of these cameras are being used, as well as where they are, but more are believed to be implemented now that this program to curb noise pollution in the city is generating results.

How the cameras work is when it detects a car making noise above the legal limit, the vehicle is identified and verified based on its license plate. First-time offenders will receive an $800 fine, and those charges can rack up as high as $2,625 if three hearings regarding these violations go ignored.

While some car enthusiasts are in favor of keeping loud exhausts out of densely-populated urban areas like New York City, others that generate this noise will not be happy. It is also possible that other largely populated cities may implement similar tactics to reduce noise pollution.

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