Mustang Does A Burnout Leaving Car Show…Immediately Gets Pulled Over

Ah, Mustangs leaving car’s always entertaining! Somehow, a fail is always involved when people are leaving a car show. Not sure if it’s from lack of driving ability, bad decisions, mechanical failure or whatever. All that is known however is that cars leaving car shows always ends with some pretty wild situations.

First of all the Mustang involved in this situation is doing something incredibly dangerous by performing a burnout on a road with traffic. The crowd seems to actually not approve of the burnout as soon as the Mustang almost crashes into an oncoming vehicle. As soon as the Mustang makes its way down the road and the crowd is cheering, a police car is seen turning its lights on and immediately pulling over the Mustang! Now if that’s not a super big fail, not sure what is! The driver of the Mustang probably got a pretty hefty ticket seeing as how the burnout was done on a public street. Fortunately though, at least the Mustang didn’t crash and despite a possible ticket, things ended up ok. Still, the driver should’ve known better not to do that! What do you think about this? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!