Motorcycle Wheelie On Interstate = Fail

A lot of motorcyclists do wheelies on the interstate. They obviously know it’s not safe but continue to do them anyways because they’re thrill seekers apparently. First of all you should never do a wheelie on a public road, ESPECIALLY if you’re not even that experienced as a bike rider. It seems like there are a lot of videos out there of motorcyclists doing wheelies on the interstate that end up in a terrible crash. At least the rider in this video was wearing a helmet!

It starts off with a helmet cam view of a bike rider on the interstate. He’s surrounded by other bikers driving along with him. Well when he decides to do a wheelie, he ends up losing his balance and falls backwards, ending in a pretty wild crash. The video then goes on to show other multiple camera angles and you see the biker land on his feet for like a split second but then keeps on tumbling. Pretty much a textbook fail wheelie right there. Thankfully the rider didn’t look injured. What do you think about this fail? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more videos stay tuned on