Man Has Best Reaction In News Interview After A Tree Crushed A Fiat

Although the story is kind of a bummer, the man that local news WSAZ was able to interview and his reaction to the scene is pretty entertaining.

A West Virginia student at Marshall found her Fiat 500 crushed under a tree after a Huntington city crew cut it down, albeit a bit carelessly. And Billy Tatum saw it all while he was sitting on his porch playing cards.

He says neighbors have been asking to have the tree brought down for several years now but he watched in disbelief as the tree was cut down, but landed right on a parked vehicle.

“It sounded like a beer can getting flattened,” Tatum said. “It just was ‘crunch.’ I hate to say it, but it was kind of cool, you know? What guy doesn’t like destruction. That’s why we go to demolition derbies, but hey, the bottom line is that’s that girl’s new car, and she can’t get to school now.”

A city spokesperson says the city employees involved were negligent and didn’t follow protocol but that the city is committed to resolving this as quickly as possible.

In the words of Tatum, “Chalk it up to a Monday”. Although we’re not sure if the owner of the car will see it that way.

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