Make Your Ford Transmission Better and Control Your Air Springs

Your transmission is a vital component in your vehicle, and ensuring it’s running at an optimal level is important. If you’re in the market to improve your Ford AODE transmission, you’ll want to keep reading.

Another way to ensure comfort or performance in your vehicle is to control the air springs. If you’re looking for a way to control the air springs in your car, this product is right for you.

How To Make Your Ford AODE Transmission Better

FiTech Go Shift Stand-Alone Transmission Control | Summit Racing

Ford makes an exceptional electronically controlled AODE four-speed automatic transmission. By adding a FiTech Go Shift stand-alone transmission control, you can make it even better. It allows you to set shift points, shift firmness, when to downshift, and more using a handheld touchscreen controller. You’ll increase performance while retaining the fuel economy of the AODE’s overdrive fourth gear.

Take Control of Your Air Springs

Firestone Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command Kit | Summit Racing

Our smartphones are so much more capable than scrolling through social media and texting. They can also serve their purpose by controlling your truck’s helper air springs. The Firestone Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command Kit uses a free app on your phone to adjust and monitor air spring pressure. By pressing a button, the kit’s onboard air compressor will increase or decrease air pressure, allowing you to level the truck side-to-side. Even better, there aren’t any wires or gauges to install or a remote you can lose.

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