LEGO Ferrari F40 Time Lapse Build – Complete With Retro Music!

Everyone has built something out of LEGOS at some point in their lives but if you haven’t noticed, there are some serious LEGO builders out there. There are massive structures from anything from buildings to cars having been built from LEGOS. It’s amazing that people are creative enough to be able to build something so complex as a supercar. With all of the functioning parts and accessories, we imagine it definitely took some time to make this Ferrari F40 LEGO build a reality.

What’s even cooler about this video is the retro 8-bit Nintendo style music playing. What’s more fitting than that? There are probably an infinite amount of cars that could be potentially built completely out of LEGOS. Actually it seems like just about anything can be built out of LEGOS if one tries hard enough. If you could build any car out of LEGOS what would it be? Would it be a classic supercar like this or an American muscle car? Would you build a motorcycle or a boat? Whatever it may be, let us know in the comments what you would build and what you think about this time lapse video! For more videos stay tuned on