Lamborghini Gallardo Goes Up In Flames After Leaving Shop

Lak Sira, the owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo, just picked his car up from a shop in England after paying $13,000 to get some work done on the car. As he was driving home from the shop with his girlfriend, he noticed a strong smell of gasoline. He called the mechanic, and he said it was normal after getting service done on the vehicle.

He pulled over to take the roof off to air out the vehicle when he heard a loud bang. That’s when the $150,000 Lamborghini burst into flames. The car ended up being a complete loss. The fire spread from the engine compartment and into the interior of the vehicle.

“We nearly died, if I didn’t pull over when I did I dread to think what happened. It was very frightening and my girlfriend is scared to get in any car with me now,” Sira said.

Legal action is being taken.

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