Ken Block’s New Video: Climbkhana

Ken Block has released yet another awesome video. Block takes his 1,400-horsepower Mustang up the 14,000-foot Pikes Peak, of course with a close or call or two in the process. And spoiler alert: Block survives after steering through some obstacles in his path. This wasn’t Block’s first time up the run—you can see the tire tracks on the road from some practice runs, but it’s still impressive.

If there’s one guy who has always has a trick up his sleeve, it would be Ken Block. He not only possesses the wildest driving abilities on tap but some of the ideas that really seem to put those abilities to the test, taking whatever car he happens to be behind the wheel of, to all new extremes, whether they are dodging in and out of obstacles, coming inches from the edge of a mountain, or just straight up killing it.

This time, Block is at it yet again, however, in a way that’s laid out unlike any of the other previous Gymkhanas. In this one, he’s taking on a hill climb! In this video, Block is going to Pike’s Peak, one of the most respected hill climbs, but also promises its share of tough driving features and treacherous elements, should one wrong move be made, it’ll send the car hurling over the side of the mountain.