Jeep Off Road Fail – Flips Over

A lot can happen while off roading. When you are driving out in nature, a lot of obstacles can pose a danger. There are rocks, water, mud and many other things to worry about. When you decide to perform an off road stunt, the risks of something going wrong goes up even more.

The guys in this video decided it would be pretty fun to drive a Jeep into a small pond. The first stunt goes well! The Jeep jumps into the pond pretty amazingly. The second stunt even goes well! It doesn’t look like the Jeep actually landed in the water this time though. The THIRD stunt..well…doesn’t go so well!

As the Jeep jumps, it barely misses the pond and crashes into the embankment instead. This causes it to lose balance and flip over completely upside down in the water! What an awesome but bad fail! Maybe next time the driver will plan out his stunts more carefully so another one of these situations doesn’t happen again. What do you think about this terribly bad Jeep fail? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more videos stay tuned on!