Jacked Up Jeep Crushes BMW E36

Jeep has a pretty loyal and dedicated following. And along with this massive following comes an equally massive aftermarket that’ll sell you anything you want from bumpers to lift kits and everything in between. So Hoonigan checks out a jeep that really takes the whole modification game to another level. It features custom touches that you may not find in your catalog and is more than ready to show them off.

For this one, there’s another episode of Hoonigan’s Daily Transmission that shows off the Jeep in detail as the owner gives a rundown of the machine shortly before it goes up against a pretty insane test. He runs over a $350 BMW with complete ease…and it’s a lot of fun to watch. These 40-inch tall tires are put into motion, combined with the Jeep’s incredible suspension really get to crushing. How could anyone not find joy in watching this machine plow over everything in its path!

If what you’re looking for is something along the lines climbing and crawling beast, we’re not sure that you could ask for anything more. This wicked 4X4 brings a lot to the table. Have you seen a cooler off-road rig? We want to see it!