Incredibly Small VW Golf Wheelies…Backwards

Everyone enjoys a good wheelie or amateur stunt. They’re fun to do and usually, pretty fun to watch. But Dutch fabricator and YouTuber Mastermilo wanted to shake things up a bit. That started with the making of, what he dubbed, the “MiniGolf.” It began with an already shortened VW Golf and made it even shorter. And the result is actually a little comical.

They used home power tools and a welder to cut the middle section out of an MK2 Golf and just welded the ends together. Pretty simple stuff. Obviously, safety aside (but is anything fun ever particularly safe?) this is a wild little ride they conjured up. So what do you do with a homemade shortened MiniGolf? Trash it! They decided to take the MiniGolf out around a track in the Netherlands. When it starts going, it looks kind of adorable hopping up and down with any movement of the steering wheel.

You can tell the wheelbase has been shortened by a significant amount and the overall driving dynamics of the vehicle have been “enhanced.” Which resulted in the front-wheel MiniGolf being able to perform a backward wheel-stand. Yup, it takes a minute to recognize what you’re seeing. Who wouldn’t do the same thing given the opportunity?