If You Thought The Eclipse Was Cool, Wait Until You See This Eclipse

If you thought the eclipse was cool, wait until you see THIS eclipse.  Jeff Bush’s boosted 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse has over 1,200 HP and is also the world’s fastest Eclipse.  Last year, the Eclipse clinched the fastest quarter-mile elapsed time ever in a DSM with a time of 7.38-seconds.  During the run, which took place at Maryland International Raceway, the Eclipse got up to 187.94 MPH!  Now that’s an Eclipse you don’t need fancy glasses to see!  The car is all-wheel drive and has a massive FP HTZ GT4580R turbocharger and a 2G automatic transmission built for racing duty by Metro Transmission. 

Katie features a 1941 Ford F-1 built by the team from One Off Rod & Custom that made it all the way to the Ridler Great 8! Hear about the hard work that went into transforming a partially restored truck into a Ridler contender, including a complicated two-tone paint job, a period correct Flathead, and a motorized hood and bed. Check it out this week on PowerNation at 9am ET on Spike!

Source: 1320 Video