How To Swap Out An Oil Pan

When you’re finishing up your project vehicle, it’s important not to skip over the little things. For example, the XOR crew found a few small things that needed to be taken care of on the Tacoma before it hits the trails. The first one being, the new bigger suspension may hit the oil pan as it flexes.

First, you’ll want to drain all the old oil out. Next, take the inspection cover off and remove the oil pan itself. You can buy a swap kit that will actually have all the parts you need. All you have to do then is put the new parts back in place.

The second small issue with the Tacoma was the radiator being a bit too long. You don’t want it to be damaged on the trail. So the team took a radiator from a 2WD Tacoma since it’s shorter. With the new radiator installed, the truck is ready to be finished up and taken to the trails!

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