How To Modernize A Classic Powerplant

With the advent of Electronic Fuel Injection hot rods can now run more efficiently and have better drivability. Edelbrock has been a leader in aftermarket EFI for a long time and their latest product has greatly simplified the process of modernizing your classic powerplant.

Their next-generation EFI system is called the Pro-Flo 4 and is available for the most popular domestic V8s and several different power levels. It’s one of the most complete kits on the market for upgrading your current fuel delivery system.

Pat is going to take a look at a 4150 style but there’s also an XT style for those of you who like a forward-facing throttle body. Either way, this system is specifically designed to go on easily and perform flawlessly. Best of all, there is no laptop needed or any EFI tuning experience required.

Instead of just replacing a carburetor, this complete system is engineered to make the transition to EFI very simple. If you’ve ever turned a wrench, you can install this easily. The kit used in Engine Power is set up to 550 HP but there are kits that will support up to 775 HP.

The kit starts with a Victor single-plane EFI manifold that fits 1986 and older small block Chevys. It’s essentially ready to bolt on with fuel injectors, rails, and throttle body already installed. The included ECU is set up to run Edelbrock’s E-tuner software that doesn’t require a laptop. You just download the app to your phone or tablet.

The software contains base calculations to help make the process easier. All you have to do is input basic information. The kit also comes with a distributor specifically for this system, a new O2 sensor, and an OEM-quality wiring harness.

*Note: this system does require high fuel pressure. Retro-fitting your classic ride can be a challenge but Edelbrock also has an optional EFI Fuel Sump universal kit. All you have to do is run your low-pressure line into the top and the internal sump and high-pressure pump inside does the rest.

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